Andy bianchini capitol city

She attempted to take a nap, but she was too riled up to sleep. “I know there is something I can do to make those nice guys feel better,” Robin decided as she adjusted her makeup, put her high heels back on, and called a taxi.

26- Sixth Annual Stiletto Race  – 6-9pm. $25 entry fee. At Old School Square Park. Fab & Funky Race for a Cause. Sprint, strut or sashay to the finish line.  Proceeds benefit Achievement Centers for Children & Families. 

Performers: Dizzy Reece, Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Ken Wray (tb), Derek Humble (as), Ronnie Scott (ts), Tubby Hayes (bs), Norman Stenfalt (p), Lennie Bush (b), Victor Feldman (d). 11 Dec 1956

Adler,  Larry 16/A3, 83/23, 24, 128/31, 160/17, 161/19, 163/40, 165/4, 173/54, 175/22, 199/71, 212/57, 222/41 , 237/10

Andy Bianchini Capitol CityAndy Bianchini Capitol City